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Coronavirus aka “The Roni”

Easy to remember redirect for john hopkins operational dashboard for COVID-19 Continue reading

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Note taking software, dethroning Evernote

Evernote is a simple piece of software, and if you’re not the type who takes advantage of their most complex features, you might be looking for something free, or more data-portable than Evernote. Ever since Evernote announced that they would … Continue reading

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Quick and easy OpenVPN using Docker Containers

I like OpenVPN, it is free, moderately secure, low overhead, and now with container technology, I total snap to setup in the cloud. Many DD-WRT and Open-WRT based routers support OpenVPN out of the box as well making it a … Continue reading

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Using GCE’s new free-tier micro VPS for fun and profit

Google’s Cloud Engine product, GCE allows developers a couple hundred dollars worth of credits, but more importantly, they’ve setup an “always free” tier VPS, theĀ f1-micro (1 vCPU, 0.6 GB memory). Now, there’s not a whole lot you can do with … Continue reading

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Installing Golang (go) on the Raspberry Pi 3

Installing Go or Golang on your Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Continue reading

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More microcontrollers, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi A+

I have been working on electronics a bit more, I thought I would write up what I have been working on. Most recently I have been working with NodeMCU on the ESP8266. The goal is to have a “captive wlan” … Continue reading

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Tinkering with Microcontrollers, Arduino + Beaglebone, frustrations

Two primary lessons I’ve learned Don’t work on the wiring aspect of electronics past 1am or so. The chances of you shorting something out approach 100% as you get closer to 3am Servos have more torque than you think and … Continue reading

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Converting Bitnami VMDK to Hyper-V VHDX files

Converting Bitnami VMWare VMDK stack files to Hyper-V VHDX hard disk image files using powershell and Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter. Continue reading

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Bicycles and Cats, and why bicycles self-steer themselves (and cats always land on their feet)

I’m curious, how does stem length impact steering feel? I realize that steering feel is almost 100% impacted by trail (how far the contact patch is behind the line of the head tube) but for example, on my project bike, … Continue reading

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NIC Teaming on Windows 8.1 (really)

So there is a way to get NIC Teaming to work in Windows 8.1. WS2012 R2 has dead-easy way to team any two nics (effectively giving you 2 gigabit eithernet if the other end also has at least 2 gigabit … Continue reading

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