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How to setup a Ruby on Rails environment in Windows

I’ve recently had to setup a couple of RoR dev environments/toolchains in Windows. I suggest not doing this wholly inside windows, but you can still orchestrate the whole process from inside windows. Obviously OSX is a much more clean way … Continue reading

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More microcontrollers, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi A+

I have been working on electronics a bit more, I thought I would write up what I have been working on. Most recently I have been working with NodeMCU on the ESP8266. The goal is to have a “captive wlan” … Continue reading

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Tinkering with Microcontrollers, Arduino + Beaglebone, frustrations

Two primary lessons I’ve learned Don’t work on the wiring aspect of electronics past 1am or so. The chances of you shorting something out approach 100% as you get closer to 3am Servos have more torque than you think and … Continue reading

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Converting Bitnami VMDK to Hyper-V VHDX files

Converting Bitnami VMWare VMDK stack files to Hyper-V VHDX hard disk image files using powershell and Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter. Continue reading

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Bicycles and Cats, and why bicycles self-steer themselves (and cats always land on their feet)

I’m curious, how does stem length impact steering feel? I realize that steering feel is almost 100% impacted by trail (how far the contact patch is behind the line of the head tube) but for example, on my project bike, … Continue reading

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NIC Teaming on Windows 8.1 (really)

So there is a way to get NIC Teaming to work in Windows 8.1. WS2012 R2 has dead-easy way to team any two nics (effectively giving you 2 gigabit eithernet if the other end also has at least 2 gigabit … Continue reading

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Intel’s Galileo Ardunio and Powershell

Intel’s Galileo is a pretty neat piece of kit. However it won’t always connect on the same COM port (typically COM3 or COM4). The only way the tutorials tell you to check this is via a menu deep inside the … Continue reading

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Red Green Show now on YouTube (Legally) in all it’s glory

Friend of mine sent me this: I listed out all the play lists for my dad for the red green show because youtube’s ui on the playlists is kinda funky, here it is, every episode by season play list. 91 … Continue reading

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Removing the redundant “google doodle” in Chrome

Sometime this fall Google pushed out a change that puts the google logo/search bar in the tabs home page. Clicking on the search bar in the middle of the page is just a dirty trick, it redirects you to the … Continue reading

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