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Libtcod and Roguelikes

Digging around in a friend’s python scripts and editing them for my own use got me thinking about games like Dwarf Fortress, NetHack and even old space trader games like Elite and Freelancer. Generally, Roguelikes are characterized as being text/console … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Developer Preview

I’m writing this on Windows 8 right now. It both installs and runs surprisingly well inside of a virtual machine. Actually, it shouldn’t be that surprising; in this day and age most people would rather cautiously install it on a Virtual Box or … Continue reading

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Building a Steam Chat Bot

First off, I’ll admit, this is a kludge built upon at least two dirty hacks. But it works! We were running in to problems with getting preferred users in to the video game server when full. Battlefield and the Frostbite engine supports … Continue reading

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Relational Databases and Vector Graphics

At work I’ve had some contact with working with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and then I got thrown on to another project using AutoCAD 2011. I thought it would be neat to combine the two, and brush up on my … Continue reading

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Independent “Indie” Games

I’ve been a big fan of low cost, low-to-medium content games for Steam lately. Steam has these sales every few days with games for $5 or less (they seem to have found the sweet spot in pricing for not-quite-new games). … Continue reading

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How to fix your Steam chat message sound back to normal

Valve pushed out their new GUI for Steam today. It has some flaws, but it’s still a very serviceable interface. It looks basically like the Steam Beta, but now it’s mandatory. What might sound strange, however, is the Steam Chat sound is … Continue reading

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