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Note taking software, dethroning Evernote

Evernote is a simple piece of software, and if you’re not the type who takes advantage of their most complex features, you might be looking for something free, or more data-portable than Evernote. Ever since Evernote announced that they would … Continue reading

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Books as tangible objects

I Read this on It’s about the role of ebooks and wether they might someday fully replace physical books for consumers. “People come in and say, ‘I read this on my iPad, and now I want to own it,’ ’’ … Continue reading

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Greenville Avenue and Unrelated

Well, so far my experiment has gone well. I am ranking in the top 3 for most search results involving Greenville Avenue Parade 2011 or some variation thereof. In less than two weeks I’ve managed to grab the attention … Continue reading

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Nearly Deaf, 10 years on.

A few days ago I bought ten years of hosting. TEN YEARS. began as a concept, hosted on a free webhost in high school on 5/7/1999. I hosted NearlyDeaf off of my home computer starting in 2001, on and … Continue reading

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Steal this Plot

That’s the name of a book I checked out from the library today. Good artists borrow. Great artists steal. Or so the saying goes. True art and writing don’t share a whole lot in common. That philosophy however, applies to … Continue reading

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