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Quick and easy OpenVPN using Docker Containers

I like OpenVPN, it is free, moderately secure, low overhead, and now with container technology, I total snap to setup in the cloud. Many DD-WRT and Open-WRT based routers support OpenVPN out of the box as well making it a … Continue reading

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The Bucket List

This list may be added to and adjusted over time Skydiving, hanging from a helicopter landing skid climb mt guadalupe climb mt rainer climb mt everest visit the opera house in manus, brazil sail around the world complete the hotter’n’ … Continue reading

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Dealing with my second power outage tonight, I thought I would highlight my favorite flashlight of all time, this little Brinkmann milled metal flashlight. It’s not tremendously bright, but it’s always worked for me, and most importantly, the batteries never … Continue reading

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Container Bob – Who is he? And what does he represent?

My buddy just sent me a strange message. When he says things like this, it’s usually wise to take note: just shy of half way down there’s a paragraph about a guy called “Container Bob” it is possibly one … Continue reading

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Outfitting a sailboat for cruising

I’m helping my friend go over the logistics of outfitting a boat for cruising/live aboard for a long distance trip now for about three months. I’m trying to organize my thoughts here. There are three general categories for a liveaboard, … Continue reading

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first world problems

My roommate pointed out I hadn’t updated this thing in a while. South America was an eye opener. I didn’t fully grasp the poverty around me. It’s hard to grasp wester conveniences costing three times as much – and then … Continue reading

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day 4, 5 of mexico

got up with the plan to head to oaxaca. the night prior I ran into a total dive bar with a live rock band and a bunch of college kids who were also musicians and played me a song on … Continue reading

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pyramids etc

Woke up, took the metro (subway) to the north bus station, saw the pyramids, took the bus back, got back around 3; looked for this mystical bbq chicken, got sunblock (sunburnt at the pyramids!), went to see frida kahlo’s museum. … Continue reading

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Mexico – Day 2

“slept in” until 8:15am – 9:15am Dallas time. Just came back from a very, very full day. I managed to have an entire four-bed room to myself last night. That was peaceful. Woke up this morning, headed for Chapultepec Hill, … Continue reading

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Mexico – Day 1

Arrived in Mexico today, just before lunch. Truly an international city. Large numbers of chinese and italians, if theĀ restaurantsĀ are any indication. Haven’t had a chance to leave the old city yet. I have three days here before I need to … Continue reading

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