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The Albatross Around AOL’s Neck

Actually that’s a misnomer. But let’s look at digital music, MP3s, digital distribution and ecommerce for a moment. Apple is a $40 bn company, reshaping their OS (Lion) to reflect their mobile devices (originally the iPod). From largest to smallest, … Continue reading

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Building a Steam Chat Bot

First off, I’ll admit, this is a kludge built upon at least two dirty hacks. But it works! We were running in to problems with getting preferred users in to the video game server when full. Battlefield and the Frostbite engine supports … Continue reading

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A case for the Nexus S that doesn’t suck

Google phone owners sometimes have bad luck when it comes to accessories, compared to say the Motorola Droid, iPhone or Blackberry. It’s easy to find good cases and docking stations for those devices. I finally found a hard shell case for … Continue reading

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A brief history of Boeing Calc, the first modern spreadsheet

At one point they might have said that TV would be the downfall of modern civilization. That may have to be revised; one can spend an inordinate amount of time clicking about on Wikipedia, and then googling for information not … Continue reading

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The Pizza Box PC Case

My buddy sent me this link yesterday. ASUS demonstrated an example of shipping a motherboard in a box that could serve as a case. It’s pretty clever. As has been demonstrated many times before, nothing under the sun is new. … Continue reading

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Nearly Deaf, 10 years on.

A few days ago I bought ten years of hosting. TEN YEARS. began as a concept, hosted on a free webhost in high school on 5/7/1999. I hosted NearlyDeaf off of my home computer starting in 2001, on and … Continue reading

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Relational Databases and Vector Graphics

At work I’ve had some contact with working with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and then I got thrown on to another project using AutoCAD 2011. I thought it would be neat to combine the two, and brush up on my … Continue reading

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Multiple keyboards – 2nd keyboard for macros

At work we do a lot of data matching in excel, and the process isn’t really standardized, so we have lots of various keystrokes and subtext menus involved to get the data we need, and the series of keystrokes changes … Continue reading

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Computational Manufacturing

This is by far and away the coolest piece of technology I’ve seen all year. And it’s applicable to real world solutions. Doubly so, since I seem to be working more with manufacturing these days. Apparently, from what I can … Continue reading

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Google TV

Lo and behold, less than a week after my buddies and I are discussing Boxee and the alternatives, and having my heart set on the equally capable (and much cheaper) Roku box, Google has to go and announce their own … Continue reading

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