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The Real Clif Bar Recipe

Note: This article has recently (10.22.12) become very popular with you Pintrest users.  Welcome! However, this is a CLIFF bar, not a Granola bar! They’re supposed to be gooey and chewy. When you modify the recipe to include 95% granola, you’ve simply reinvented … Continue reading

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Mexico – Day 1

Arrived in Mexico today, just before lunch. Truly an international city. Large numbers of chinese and italians, if the restaurants are any indication. Haven’t had a chance to leave the old city yet. I have three days here before I need to … Continue reading

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Nearly Deaf, 10 years on.

A few days ago I bought ten years of hosting. TEN YEARS. began as a concept, hosted on a free webhost in high school on 5/7/1999. I hosted NearlyDeaf off of my home computer starting in 2001, on and … Continue reading

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Unusual drinks

I can spend hours reading up on British history. Three hours wasted reading up on tea, tea trade, and the East India Company. But regardless, I was surprised to find out that Iced Tea is a relatively modern concept (1904) … Continue reading

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