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Building Bamboo Bicycles and Road Bikes

I recently stumbled upon Bamboo Bicycles. I’ve spent a couple of days investigating this on and off now. There seem to be two major vendors at the moment, both related to the same man. Calfee Design appears to make Bamboo … Continue reading

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The Albatross Around AOL’s Neck

Actually that’s a misnomer. But let’s look at digital music, MP3s, digital distribution and ecommerce for a moment. Apple is a $40 bn company, reshaping their OS (Lion) to reflect their mobile devices (originally the iPod). From largest to smallest, … Continue reading

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Espresso Book Machine

I’d just come up to Vermont from Texas for a distant cousin’s wedding in Burlington. After unknowingly driving halfway across the (tiny) state in search of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory, we decided to drive to New Hampshire … Continue reading

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Jim Kazanjian

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Customize your car

Saw this through Livejournal. Livejournal has kind of lost it’s usefulness over time, but the communities are what makes it worth continuing to visit. In addition to the DFW communities, there’s some really good random image groups. I came across … Continue reading

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Well, “songs”. Ashley came over. I finally put my recording equipment to use. That’s “80s Baby” Ashley on Guitar, myself (being drowned out) on Harmonica. I need to buy that harmonica mic already. Plenty more details on our EP, “Basement”, … Continue reading

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Foxy’s Wooden Guitar Stand

I had a comment from this guy on my Wooden Guitar Stand post a couple of days ago. It’s certianly refined from my design, but it also involves a lot of tools other than a screwdriver.  A lot of people … Continue reading

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Make Magazine Critique

While I think Make Magazine is a pretty cool idea, the production values are about 20% of what they could be. I just finished watching their “first take” of a vacuum forming how to, which ended up being their final … Continue reading

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Everyone has their favorite collection. Its a pain going somewhere and leaving your music behind. This is mostly for me, but smaller personal collections of tabs online tend to be of much higher quality and better signal to noise ratio. … Continue reading

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The Fall Season

So Greys Anatomy S04E00 HDTV XviD-STFU has hit the web, a full week ahead of schedule (air date: 9/27), officially kicking off the .torrent fall TV downloading season. Comcast has recently announced (what slashdot geeks calculate) a 99-150GB/mo download cap. … Continue reading

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