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Fixing Ubuntu 10.4 Window Buttons

For whatever reason they decided to break window buttons in the gnome GUI for Ubuntu 10.4. I dual boot Windows and Ubuntu and can’t be bothered to have such inconsistencies. Here’s how to “unbreak” this. push Alt+F2 type ‘gconf-editor‘ without … Continue reading

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HP’s Billion Dollar Bet

For as much as I hate tech journalism, I sure do read a lot of it. Google’s “Fast Flip” feature turns up a lot of good, or at least interesting articles. I was dubious Palm would even find a buyer, … Continue reading

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More on the Mini 110

Well it’s a tad nerve-racking getting Ubuntu 9.10 UNR working properly just days before I leave on my trip. The microphone didn’t work, but apparently reinstalling your alsa audio drivers (fix here) solves that. It just takes about an hour … Continue reading

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HP Mini 1020NR

Ok so I finally broke down and bought a netbook. After carefully looking over the options, the HP Mini (11.2″ netbook, Atom 270 processor, intel GMA 945 graphics chip) seemed like the best bang for the buck. Decent 1024×592 screen, … Continue reading

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Tethering your blackberry to your laptop in Ubuntu

It works! I’m currently updating on my Dell laptop, which is tethered to my T-Mobile curve blackberry (8320 model I think) via a USB cable. In my bedroom, with poor signal, I’ve peaked at 36kb/s, with an average of somewhere … Continue reading

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Opening Windows Shares in Ubuntu

I got some sort of program installed on my computer while I was playing a video game… not really sure how that happened. Some sort of malware posing as antivirus software. Anyways I decided rather than fight with the virus … Continue reading

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Android finally comes to the Blackberry

Ever since HTC’s first Android phone hit the market last month people have been wondering, “when will the Blackberry become available with Android?”. The truth of the matter is that the Blackberry Bold is equal to Android at this point. … Continue reading

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The best fileserver hardware

What is 64 bit, fanless, and takes up no desk/floorspace? The Eee Box! All this and more for less than $300 shipped. WTF you ask, well it’s true. What really sells me on this is the fact that not only … Continue reading

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Android platform comes to the Blackberry?

Given the love of the hardware on the Blackberry, and the love for the Android software platform, Google’s new open phone system, it seems like a given, yet I haven’t seen anyone mention combining the two before. I had to … Continue reading

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Counter Strike: Source server

Found an awesome map running bots in a zombie type configuration. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else, but it’s called stabby_b3.bsp and is awesome. It’s a Counter Strike: Source map. Anyways I’ve thrown up a server, and … Continue reading

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