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More microcontrollers, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi A+

I have been working on electronics a bit more, I thought I would write up what I have been working on. Most recently I have been working with NodeMCU on the ESP8266. The goal is to have a “captive wlan” … Continue reading

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Tinkering with Microcontrollers, Arduino + Beaglebone, frustrations

Two primary lessons I’ve learned Don’t work on the wiring aspect of electronics past 1am or so. The chances of you shorting something out approach 100% as you get closer to 3am Servos have more torque than you think and … Continue reading

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Bicycles and Cats, and why bicycles self-steer themselves (and cats always land on their feet)

I’m curious, how does stem length impact steering feel? I realize that steering feel is almost 100% impacted by trail (how far the contact patch is behind the line of the head tube) but for example, on my project bike, … Continue reading

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Intel’s Galileo Ardunio and Powershell

Intel’s Galileo is a pretty neat piece of kit. However it won’t always connect on the same COM port (typically COM3 or COM4). The only way the tutorials tell you to check this is via a menu deep inside the … Continue reading

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Red Green Show now on YouTube (Legally) in all it’s glory

Friend of mine sent me this: I listed out all the play lists for my dad for the red green show because youtube’s ui on the playlists is kinda funky, here it is, every episode by season play list. 91 … Continue reading

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DIY Bicycle Pannier – for $12 or less

Short how to on making your own pannier bags for a bicycle rack using hardware store parts and a bag. Continue reading

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Building Bamboo Bicycles and Road Bikes

I recently stumbled upon Bamboo Bicycles. I’ve spent a couple of days investigating this on and off now. There seem to be two major vendors at the moment, both related to the same man. Calfee Design appears to make Bamboo … Continue reading

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The Pizza Box PC Case

My buddy sent me this link yesterday. ASUS demonstrated an example of shipping a motherboard in a box that could serve as a case. It’s pretty clever. As has been demonstrated many times before, nothing under the sun is new. … Continue reading

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Building a Balsa Violin, pt 2; a.k.a. The Ballad of the Vaporized Wire

The first step to building a violin out of balsa wood and foam is cutting the basic shape out using a hot wire foam cutter. A quick google search shows that a) they’re easy to build and perhaps more importantly … Continue reading

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Kazookeylele and more

All a cigar box guitar is, at heart really, is a¬†ukulele¬†with guts. My coworkers and I have been cranking away at getting this catalog finished. A tradition of theirs when uploading to the printer is to play “The final countdown”. … Continue reading

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