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Relational Databases and Vector Graphics

At work I’ve had some contact with working with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and then I got thrown on to another project using AutoCAD 2011. I thought it would be neat to combine the two, and brush up on my … Continue reading

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Computational Manufacturing

This is by far and away the coolest piece of technology I’ve seen all year. And it’s applicable to real world solutions. Doubly so, since I seem to be working more with manufacturing these days. Apparently, from what I can … Continue reading

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Another Proflex Elastomer/Elastometer fix

David E posted a comment about another fix he’d found for a replacement on his Proflex Elastomer, in the comments section of my other post on fixing your Proflex elastomer shock. He said he’d used the rubber portion of a 1 … Continue reading

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Espresso Book Machine

I’d just come up to Vermont from Texas for a distant cousin’s wedding in Burlington. After unknowingly driving halfway across the (tiny) state in search of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory, we decided to drive to New Hampshire … Continue reading

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Building a Balsa Violin, pt 1

Really this could have been included in the last post, but it was getting long and I wanted pictures of my own work above the cut.(edit: here is part 2, a year later.) So here are the first progress shots … Continue reading

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Customize your car

Saw this through Livejournal. Livejournal has kind of lost it’s usefulness over time, but the communities are what makes it worth continuing to visit. In addition to the DFW communities, there’s some really good random image groups. I came across … Continue reading

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Wooden Bikes

Wooden bicycles are always a fun novelty.  I saw what at the time seemed like a very sad image, a child riding on a very crudely constructed wooden scooter. After seeing this video I was happy to see that these … Continue reading

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Proflex Elastomer Fix

I’ll be honest, your best option is probably to buy new elastomers from this guy. His elastomers will make your Proflex fully functional again. Proflex was bought out by K2 some time ago, and official replacement parts, if you can … Continue reading

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Connecting a Head unit to an existing amp

Personally I’d like to recycle my old equipment if I can. When I decided to jump up to a tube amp, it seemed natural to just get a head unit, and use my existing amp as a speaker cabinet. With … Continue reading

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Point of interest on the internet – the Automata blog. From simple things like marble hill climbers and wind up banks that snatch a coin from a perch to much more complicated devices, it’s all here. Mostly hand cranked devices … Continue reading

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