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Kazookeylele and more

All a cigar box guitar is, at heart really, is a ukulele with guts. My coworkers and I have been cranking away at getting this catalog finished. A tradition of theirs when uploading to the printer is to play “The final countdown”. … Continue reading

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Beginner’s equipment for learning Guitar

I had a friend ask me today what I would recommend on a $300 budget for a guitar and amp. Someone else said the guitar is more important, spend more on the guitar. I’m not entirely sure I agree with that. In … Continue reading

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Guitar Effects Pedals

I’ve been experimenting with guitar effects pedals a lot lately. I took the occasion of buying a tube screamer as an excuse to pull all my guitar gear out of the storage box and link it all up. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Guitar Toys, Guitar Amp Plans

Replaced the strings on my Telecaster. I had DR 11s on there, switched back to D’Addario 10s. Despite the DRs having hex cores, I can’t tell a difference in the sound, and the decreased tension by going to a lighter … Continue reading

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Cutting F-holes for instruments

I came across this excellent (if not dry and boring) video on cutting F-holes for your instrument (be it violin, as is in the video, or cigar box guitar). Some things to note here: He uses a transparency type material … Continue reading

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Well, “songs”. Ashley came over. I finally put my recording equipment to use. That’s “80s Baby” Ashley on Guitar, myself (being drowned out) on Harmonica. I need to buy that harmonica mic already. Plenty more details on our EP, “Basement”, … Continue reading

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F-Holes for Cigar Box Guitar

So I accidentally swung by the cigar shop and walked out with a cigar box. This is approximately a 7″ x 9 1/2″ cigar box. Nobody ever seems to give the dimensions for these things, and in the cigar shop … Continue reading

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Tahitian Ukulele pt 3

Well six months go by and I realized I haven’t made any progress on this instrument. The roughed out shape has sat by my bedroom door almost every day since and eventually you just sort of tune those things out. … Continue reading

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Cigar Box Guitar Pickup

These things are ridiculously easy to make. If you don’t have a soldering iron, go buy a crimping kit at the hardware store. They cost about the same really ($20-30) and last forever. This is about a five minute project, … Continue reading

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Foxy’s Wooden Guitar Stand

I had a comment from this guy on my Wooden Guitar Stand post a couple of days ago. It’s certianly refined from my design, but it also involves a lot of tools other than a screwdriver.  A lot of people … Continue reading

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