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CD Burning

So XP doesn’t support burning bootable ISOs. What is this, the dark ages? Somehow I wasn’t able to find a suitable freeware app to do this for me on google in less than 30 seconds. Double wtf. ISO recorder for … Continue reading

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Apple TV – The return of the LCII?

Well this is exciting. They’re reporting on that the Apple TV is incredibly hackable, and that as a favor, they even included a USB port on the back to make it usable. I mean, really, it’s the return of … Continue reading

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I stumbled upon my friend John Thornton’s store a couple months back (January?), and came across his first publication for sale, “Glambourine”, for $5. In addition to a couple of short stories in comic format, it includes the first 84 … Continue reading

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Well there was a flurry of news-posts a couple of weeks ago that Gmail was opening up it’s service to everyone, starting in foreign (to the US) countries and would finally allow those not “in the circle” to grab a … Continue reading

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