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Ubuntu 8.04 on 256MB of RAM

I picked up a free laptop with a decent hard drive (60gb), processor(2.6ghz), and built in wi-fi (802.11g) and a “broken” copy of XP which I promptly wiped and put a fresh install of Hardy Heron 8.04 on here. I … Continue reading

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Guitars and technology, backing tracks

The entry level to learning and making music keeps being lowered. When Guitar Hero first came out you read articles questioning if it would ever really make you any better or help you learn the real guitar. Guitar Hero: World … Continue reading

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Building TF2/Source maps

I’ve been watching cp_steel, and then pl_dustbowl_b3 come to frutition on the forums, and then saw cp_freight built in less than a week. Finally I asked someone who I saw keep jumping between TF2 (Team Fortress 2) and SDK (software … Continue reading

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Pyro update, redux

So I’ve had some time to play with the pyro now that the update has been out a while, and my opinion has changed somewhat. To what, exactly, I’m not sure, but it’s definitely less favorable than it was. Valve … Continue reading

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Day of Defeat: Source review

Well two weekends ago Valve released their updated version of Day of Defeat: Source (DoD). I guess Valve did a major Source engine update and as a result has updated DoD to reflect that, including particle effects (with SMP support), … Continue reading

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Eee PC update

One of my coworkers goes to India every other year for her Yoga certification. This december she’s heading over there, and when the topic of laptops came up, one woman mentioned she’d bought ___ laptop for her daughter for college, … Continue reading

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