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Android platform comes to the Blackberry?

Given the love of the hardware on the Blackberry, and the love for the Android software platform, Google’s new open phone system, it seems like a given, yet I haven’t seen anyone mention combining the two before. I had to … Continue reading

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Steam Achievement Manager 5.1

This is simply the best app for unlocking achievements in TF2, DoD:Source and others. The recent steam update broke the API that 2.1 used, the current version is 5.1. This app can allow you to unlock the Heavy’s weapons, Natasha, … Continue reading

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Hurricane Ike

Living in the DFW area it’s been interesting to watch Gustav and now Ike hit the coast 300-some odd miles to the south east of me during the 2008 season. linked to a particularly interesting site, called, which … Continue reading

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