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Steam Achievement Manager 5.0 works with Left 4 Dead (L4D)

Dave wrote to point out that there’s a new version of SAM (Steam Achievement Manager) out, 5.1 which is a complete rewrite from v. 3.0 and 3.1. and 4.0 The biggest improvement is that SAM can now work with ANY … Continue reading

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Foxy’s Wooden Guitar Stand

I had a comment from this guy on my Wooden Guitar Stand post a couple of days ago. It’s certianly refined from my design, but it also involves a lot of tools other than a screwdriver.  A lot of people … Continue reading

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Steam Achievement Manager 5.1

Latest version of this handy tool is out. You can download Steam Achievement Manager 5.1 here. This works for all your favorite games, including Left4Dead (L4D), Team Fortress 2 (TF2), Day of Defeat (DoD), and a bunch of new games, … Continue reading

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Connecting a Head unit to an existing amp

Personally I’d like to recycle my old equipment if I can. When I decided to jump up to a tube amp, it seemed natural to just get a head unit, and use my existing amp as a speaker cabinet. With … Continue reading

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Steam Achievement Manager and Left 4 Dead

I got Left 4 Dead for my birthday a couple weeks ago. Just waiting for it to unlock at this point. Anyways, it uses the Source Engine, just like TF2, DoD and many others. Assuming no major changes to Steam … Continue reading

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