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Scout Update now out, works with SAM

Alright, the Scout Update for TF2 is finally here, and good news! It works flawlessly with Steam Achievement Manager 5.1 you can download it here. Since Valve is selling it half price before the weekend starts, you newbies might want … Continue reading

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Zomg Twitter is _NOT_ a newsworthy topic

It is one thing to do human interest stories. It’s another to do crappy, outdated stories on how the paparazzi killed Princess Di. Twitter’s horse, however, was never alive to start beating on. The lazy media finds these easy stories … Continue reading

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Steam Achievement Manager Broken?

From the 2/16/09 TF2 update Moved the unlockable system over to the new item backend: Added a warning dialog to the loadout screen telling clients when the server they’re on could not get their loadout So the Achievement Manager may … Continue reading

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The GIMP 2.6 Review (rant)

I use the GIMP at work probably 2-3 hours a day. When I reloaded windows I had to reinstall the GIMP, which is when I realized that a newer version had come out. Image editing software usually works “good enough” … Continue reading

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Russia Politely Tests Satelite Warfare

Today Russia politely tested their capability to take out US spy satellites by directing one of their own defunct sattelites into the path of an active Iridium satellite. I find it amusing of the spin put on this, but if … Continue reading

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Opening Windows Shares in Ubuntu

I got some sort of program installed on my computer while I was playing a video game… not really sure how that happened. Some sort of malware posing as antivirus software. Anyways I decided rather than fight with the virus … Continue reading

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