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Tahitian Ukulele pt 3

Well six months go by and I realized I haven’t made any progress on this instrument. The roughed out shape has sat by my bedroom door almost every day since and eventually you just sort of tune those things out. … Continue reading

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Wooden Bikes

Wooden bicycles are always a fun novelty.  I saw what at the time seemed like a very sad image, a child riding on a very crudely constructed wooden scooter. After seeing this video I was happy to see that these … Continue reading

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Cigar Box Guitar Pickup

These things are ridiculously easy to make. If you don’t have a soldering iron, go buy a crimping kit at the hardware store. They cost about the same really ($20-30) and last forever. This is about a five minute project, … Continue reading

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Proflex Elastomer Fix

I’ll be honest, your best option is probably to buy new elastomers from this guy. His elastomers will make your Proflex fully functional again. Proflex was bought out by K2 some time ago, and official replacement parts, if you can … Continue reading

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