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Building a Distortion Pedal

My first effect pedal was a Phaser. Technically, it was an MXR Phase 90. Worst first pedal ever. So later someone was having a sale on the BBE Frequency boost. I’d been meaning to pick up the Holy Stain by … Continue reading

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Tethering your blackberry to your laptop in Ubuntu

It works! I’m currently updating on my Dell laptop, which is tethered to my T-Mobile curve blackberry (8320 model I think) via a USB cable. In my bedroom, with poor signal, I’ve peaked at 36kb/s, with an average of somewhere … Continue reading

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Netbook Trackpads

Netbook trackpads can’t be that terrible. I’m using the trackpad on a low end Dell laptop the same size as a netbook’s, yet it tracks just fine. I think the problem is the sensitivity/acceleration is all fucked up. Probably if … Continue reading

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Customize your car

Saw this through Livejournal. Livejournal has kind of lost it’s usefulness over time, but the communities are what makes it worth continuing to visit. In addition to the DFW communities, there’s some really good random image groups. I came across … Continue reading

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