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Another Proflex Elastomer/Elastometer fix

David E posted a comment about another fix he’d found for a replacement on his Proflex Elastomer, in the comments section of my other post on fixing your Proflex elastomer shock. He said he’d used the rubber portion of a 1 … Continue reading

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Old Super Computers vs Modern PCs

Someone had linked to a 1/10th scale Cray-1 super computer, so I googled that, found out that the Cray-2 held the computing record for 10 whole years before being upsurped by the ETA10 a year later in 1989. So what was … Continue reading

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Steal this Plot

That’s the name of a book I checked out from the library today. Good artists borrow. Great artists steal. Or so the saying goes. True art and writing don’t share a whole lot in common. That philosophy however, applies to … Continue reading

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Leaving Rio

This post has been sitting in my queue to finish and publish since March. What happened here occured between Dec 29 2009 and ~Jan 7th, 2010. One of the more interesting experiences I had on my trip was leaving Rio. … Continue reading

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Espresso Book Machine

I’d just come up to Vermont from Texas for a distant cousin’s wedding in Burlington. After unknowingly driving halfway across the (tiny) state in search of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory, we decided to drive to New Hampshire … Continue reading

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Harp Mics (pt. 99)

I am still trying to figure out how to order a “replacement part” for the microphone element of a Shure Green Bullet. And then stick it — ah, here it is. The part number is “R198″ from Shure and it … Continue reading

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