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day 4, 5 of mexico

got up with the plan to head to oaxaca. the night prior I ran into a total dive bar with a live rock band and a bunch of college kids who were also musicians and played me a song on … Continue reading

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pyramids etc

Woke up, took the metro (subway) to the north bus station, saw the pyramids, took the bus back, got back around 3; looked for this mystical bbq chicken, got sunblock (sunburnt at the pyramids!), went to see frida kahlo’s museum. … Continue reading

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Mexico – Day 2

“slept in” until 8:15am – 9:15am Dallas time. Just came back from a very, very full day. I managed to have an entire four-bed room to myself last night. That was peaceful. Woke up this morning, headed for Chapultepec Hill, … Continue reading

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Mexico – Day 1

Arrived in Mexico today, just before lunch. Truly an international city. Large numbers of chinese and italians, if the restaurants are any indication. Haven’t had a chance to leave the old city yet. I have three days here before I need to … Continue reading

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List for Backpacking

Well they are right. 2600 cubic inches is a huge pack to take with you. It’s a comfortable size and will still fit in the overhead compartment of any vehicle, or simply sit in your lap for trips < 2 … Continue reading

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A case for the Nexus S that doesn’t suck

Google phone owners sometimes have bad luck when it comes to accessories, compared to say the Motorola Droid, iPhone or Blackberry. It’s easy to find good cases and docking stations for those devices. I finally found a hard shell case for … Continue reading

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Greenville Avenue and Unrelated

Well, so far my experiment has gone well. I am ranking in the top 3 for most search results involving Greenville Avenue Parade 2011 or some variation thereof. In less than two weeks I’ve managed to grab the attention … Continue reading

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A brief history of Boeing Calc, the first modern spreadsheet

At one point they might have said that TV would be the downfall of modern civilization. That may have to be revised; one can spend an inordinate amount of time clicking about on Wikipedia, and then googling for information not … Continue reading

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The Pizza Box PC Case

My buddy sent me this link yesterday. ASUS demonstrated an example of shipping a motherboard in a box that could serve as a case. It’s pretty clever. As has been demonstrated many times before, nothing under the sun is new. … Continue reading

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