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The Albatross Around AOL’s Neck

Actually that’s a misnomer. But let’s look at digital music, MP3s, digital distribution and ecommerce for a moment. Apple is a $40 bn company, reshaping their OS (Lion) to reflect their mobile devices (originally the iPod). From largest to smallest, … Continue reading

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Books as tangible objects

I Read this on It’s about the role of ebooks and wether they might someday fully replace physical books for consumers. “People come in and say, ‘I read this on my iPad, and now I want to own it,’ ’’ … Continue reading

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New independent states

South Sudan becomes an independent nation by way of vote (and decades of civil war).  Israel recently went on camera with Romania to publicly denounce Palestine’s bid to become recognized as an independent state in the UN this fall. Texas govenor Rick … Continue reading

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