Porn? In my lunar program?

It’s more likely than you might think. I was digging around for some info on the Apollo era “snoopy cap” that they always reference, and are sort of an icon of 60′s spaceflight. Random clicking from there led to this. Definitely the first time I’ve ever heard of this. I’m really curious how prevalent this was. Probably pretty common. From NASA direct:

108:28:35 Aldrin: Lean forward. (Red Apple and pull-pin?) Locked. (Pause) Position mikes. (Long Pause) Sure wished I’d shaved last night. (Pause) Okay; we need the helmets. Got your mikes where you want them? (Long Pause)

[They each have a pair of mikes as part of the "Snoopy cap" or, more formally, the "Communications Carrier". "Snoopy" is Charlie Brown's beagle in the comic strip "Peanuts" drawn by Charles Schulz. Journal Contributor Ulli Lotzmann had discussions with Ernie Reyes in mid-2000 about Snoopy's association with Apollo. Reyes was Chief of the Pre-Flight Operations Branch at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston during Apollo; and Lotzmann reports that Reyes, Wayne Stallard and others drew little cartoons on the daily schedules to make them more interesting. The Reyes Snoopy, who looks a little bit different to the Schultz-Snoopy as can be seen from examples in the Apollo 12cuff checklists, became popular with the Astronaut Corps. Because the cartoons were never intended for commercial publication, Reyes never asked Schultz for permission to use the character. After the Apollo 1 fire, Snoopy became the symbol of the revitalized NASA safety program.]

[Getting back to the subject of the "Snoopy cap", in the Schulz comic strip, Snoopy often fantasized that he was a World War I flying ace and, while in that fantasy, wore a leather flying helmet. This and the fact that the Apollo Snoopy caps were dark-brown & white may explain why they were named "Snoopy" caps. Post-EVA photo A11-37-5528 is an excellent picture of a very pleased Neil Armstrong in full Snoopy regalia after the EVA. Journal Contributor Markus Mehring notes that the names "Snoopy" and "Charlie Brown" where also used for the Apollo 10 Command Module and Lunar Module, respectively. The Apollo 17 crew named a large crater in Snoopy's honor.]

[Note that, in the following, they get Buzz into his helmet first, as per checklist.]

So they actually included photographs of the EVA checklists. It’s a miracle that photographs of this stuff exist at all anymore, but hey, take a look. As you can imagine, things as redundant and boring as the checklist for putting on your space suit might need some humanization to keep it interesting. NASA being almost entirely male, it’s not surprising that they would find a way to put some boobs in their checklists (along with snoopy cartoons). Probably not NASA’s finest moment, but when you’re on track to put a man on the moon in less than a decade, you’ve got to give the organization some slack.

Without further adieu, Boobs in Space:

Pages 7 and 11:

Pages 6 and 11:

You can’t make this stuff up. More original tales from NASA.


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