Building TF2/Source maps

hammer_splash.pngI’ve been watching cp_steel, and then pl_dustbowl_b3 come to frutition on the forums, and then saw cp_freight built in less than a week. Finally I asked someone who I saw keep jumping between TF2 (Team Fortress 2) and SDK (software developer kit) all day what he was doing, he responded, “making a jump map”. So it’s that easy eh?

Well I found a pretty good tutorial that lays out the basics. I’d tried my hand at mapping before, with Qoole, a quake 1 map editor and made a deathmatch level out of his house. Anyways with that in mind I tried it out, no luck. Found this tutorial which is rather useful. Lays it out so you can figure it out in about10 minutes and litterally jump right in. The only mistake I made was that the player start point had the player’s feet stuck slightly in the ground. Moved the starting point up 6″ and problem solved.

Valve, of course has their own tutorial but it includes all the specifics for professional mappers… a little overwhelming if you just want to get your feet wet. I’m a little curious to go start making my own legendary cp_orange!

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