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Evernote is a simple piece of software, and if you’re not the type who takes advantage of their most complex features, you might be looking for something free, or more data-portable than Evernote. Ever since Evernote announced that they would be viewing your notes I’ve warmed to the idea of looking elsewhere for my note repository. Furthermore, in versions I’ve used recently, it’s very hard to drop text formatting of text, which can make a huge mess of things. 98% of the time I just want plaintext (or markdown-compatible text) with the occasional inline image.

Here’s a quick list of some notetaking apps I’ve come across recently;

Joplin -

Great option with Mac / Win / Linux / Android, and online synching capabilities. Strong markdown support and very fast, searchable using sqlite. Downside (for now) is that it only uses Microsoft O365 for file synching. Not ideal. Very strong product otherwise. Written in Nodejs. I really like that there’s a terminal app for quick note jotting, and supports pretty much any text editor.

Boostnote -

Another good multiplatform product, also uses markdown. Appears to have native code syntax-highlighting (solarized?) which is a big plus. Mac / Linux / Windows / mobile. Written in Javascript.

Bearwriter –

Closed source, but their website design is very pretty. Also Mac-only. I know nothing about it and nobody who uses it, but still curious to try it at some point.

Ghost –

This is actually blogging software, but I really like their preview pane, support for flat text markdown files, inline image support, and user system. I’ve looked at modifying this myself to meet my needs several times. Someday.

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