Counter Strike: Source server

counter-strike-source.jpgFound an awesome map running bots in a zombie type configuration. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else, but it’s called stabby_b3.bsp and is awesome. It’s a Counter Strike: Source map. Anyways I’ve thrown up a server, and to my suprise, usually has 2-4 people on it, which really, is about the max number of people you need killing 39 zombies. The map is laid out like a grid, with some open areas and dead end rooms to make things interesting.

I’ll probably move the server over to another port and switch over to a dedicated server…whenever I get a chance but right now work is really beating me down. Suprisingly installing the dedicated server in linux is very easy, but you have to have a separate steam account to run the CS server, which is what I’m still working out. At an even later date I’d like to decompile the map and lower the lighting significantly so you have to use your flashlight. Maybe even skin the map proper. Found the map at Quakecon and realized once I’d played it, I have a copy of it local. Ended up playing this most of the weekend at ROGcon… ended up being the most popular server there. Kind of sad, but we did have like 1/10th of the people playing on it.

Basic sv modifications are bot_add_ct, sv_autobalance 0 and mp_limitteams 60 give or take. Then just set bot difficulty to 0 and then back to 3 and the CT side fills up with knife wielding bots which are then zombies. I like to set sv_gravity to 180 or so to make the grenades go further. Surprisingly fun to play!

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  1. Brian says:


    This sounded interesting, so I downloaded it. Does this work on the Windows version? I just copied the file to the Maps folder, but the map was orange with gray walls. All commands worked, except sv_autobalance 0.

    Do I need to run a dedicated server?



  2. admin says:

    Yes it works for windows. You are correct it isn’t a very visually interesting map. The gameplay, however, is. There’s no real configuration for the map, exactly, except that the humans need to spawn all as terrorists (who have the higher capacity pistol magazine, and spawn in the center of the map), and you have to spawn the bots as CTs, who spawn around th T’s. Running it as a dedicated server is only useful if you want to run it on a seperate computer and setup your router to route to it. By turning off autobalance (console command sv_autobalance 0) this overrides the server’s requirement to keep teams somewhat even, and allows you to go 1 T against 32+ CTs. Let me know if you aren’t able to get it working.

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