Apple TV – The return of the LCII?

Apple TVWell this is exciting. They’re reporting on that the Apple TV is incredibly hackable, and that as a favor, they even included a USB port on the back to make it usable. I mean, really, it’s the return of the Apple LCII. Fanless, low end computer that gets the job done. It uses a 1ghz Dothan cpu from Intel and a pretty decent GPU for 1080i decoding, with component and HDMI out…. sweet. To top that off, they’ve already got it playing Divx and Xvid files by simply inserting a quicktime plugin, due to the fact that it uses a only slightly modified version of OSX 10.4.7…. that’s insane.

This is fantastic news. Prior to this, the Apple TV was pretty much dead in the water as a product that scratched no itch, especially without Divx support. This changes everything.

Hopefully, in a couple of weeks we’ll see the finder installed and full USB keyboard/mouse support, to be used as a super low end desktop. It wouldn’t suprise me if they get linux on it by the end of the month. Pretty exciting for a $300 computer. I might even be tempted to buy one.

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2 Responses to Apple TV – The return of the LCII?

  1. DeafNN says:

    Not yet to buying this because it has no support for closed captioning nor subtitle. When Apple has firmwire update for CC or subtitle then test it at the store if like it then buying it.

  2. admin says:

    As a device that interacts explicitly with the TV, isn’t it required through the ADA to provide that? Prior to this month you had to jump through significant hoops to get your computer or iPod to connect to the tv. Secondly I don’t believe their iTunes video store sells any english videos with CC (yet)… in a couple of months though they should have hacked it to have VLC running on it, which does support subtitles.

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