Steam Achievement Manager 5.1

tf2_pyro.jpgThis is simply the best app for unlocking achievements in TF2, DoD:Source and others. The recent steam update broke the API that 2.1 used, the current version is 5.1. This app can allow you to unlock the Heavy’s weapons, Natasha, the Sandwich (Sandvich) and KGB (Killing Gloves of Boxing), or any of the Pyro or Medic’s weapons (Backburner, Flare Gun, Kritzkreig, Blutslauger, etc) along with future releases for the scout, sniper spy unlockables, etc. The best thing is that by unlocking only the milestones for each class, you can have all the new weapons, while still unlocking the other achievements normally.

Download it here: Steam Achievement Manager 3.0 Steam Achievement Manager 3.1, Steam Achievement Manager 4.0 Steam Achievement Manager 5.1

Works with:

  1. Team Fortress 2
  2. Half-Life 2
  3. Half-Life 2: Episode One
  4. Half-Life 2: Episode Two
  5. Day of Defeat: Source
  6. Day of Defeat: Source Beta
  7. Portal
  8. Audiosurf
  9. Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition
  10. Opposing Force
  11. Ricochet
  12. Spacewar
  13. Trials 2: Second Edition


  1. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 if you do not already have it installed.
  2. Download Steam Achievement Manager.
  3. Extract it to a directory that is convenient to you, but not your Steam directory. It’s a ZIP file, if you don’t know how to extract a ZIP file then you probably shouldn’t be trying to use this tool.
  4. Run Steam if it is not already running.
  5. Exit any active VAC protected games if any are running. While this tool does not directly interact with any game itself, it is better safe than sorry.
  6. Run Steam Achievement Manager and do whatever you want in it.


FAQ: Valve bannination for using this?

Exceedingly doubtful. The folks at Valve are at least prehiperially aware that this exists. It’s a don’t ask, don’t tell situation, and by using the unlocker you aren’t affecting other’s gameplay. Although with the Pyro nerf, the backburner isn’t worth it in most cases, nor are the other unlockable weapons.

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19 Responses to Steam Achievement Manager 5.1

  1. Creed7 says:

    He you can reset the achivemts,with the tool had you make also a stats manager?or could you make my email

  2. Wesley says:

    Thank you very much will this 4.0 work for the scout update thats coming out today (its 4:25 a.m. right now)

  3. admin says:

    Yeah, good news, it works perfectly for the scout update! See my latest post.

  4. Will says:

    I am able to unlock all the acheivments but not use the scout unlockables. I can select them in my weapon loadout but they do not show on respawn. Help me?

  5. Will says:

    It appears to only work on some servers. Any idea why?

  6. admin says:

    Try restarting steam and/or TF2. Should sort everything out. If it’s not working on some servers it’s likely those servers don’t have the scout update patch loaded yet.

  7. joris says:

    steam manager 5 doesnt see my games…..

  8. bolc says:

    SAM 5.1 doesnt see any game, only one called “Spacewar”

  9. bolc says:

    Doesnt detects the game called “Osmos”

  10. Trogdorbad says:

    When I choose a game (double clicking TF2), it stops working. What am I doing wrong?

  11. Drake says:

    I have a question about this i recently added a friend and i figured out he was hacking me and got all my achievements and milestones also if i download this can i get rid of all my achievements and start over (milestones also) and if valve sees this can u do this i dont mind having to use old weapons if i can get all achievevments gotten rid of ill do wat ever it takes to get it done thank u

  12. admin says:

    You can’t “hack” someone else’s achievements. Your friend is lying to you. Yes, you can reset your stats.

  13. Jim says:

    Hey, make it so it runs when you have Steam located on a drive other than your primary!
    I can’t fit all my games on C:\
    So I have em on D:\ and now this just crashes on launching!

  14. Bart says:

    Can this app reset my achievements?

  15. carrolizm says:


  16. Or Nahh says:

    Keeps saying “Steam is not running, start steam and try agian” like BITCH you can’t tell me MY steam ain’t runnin damn

  17. Mr. Blue says:

    HELP!!! I extracted the file and everything but when I try to open SAM.picker it says steam isn’t running even though I opened it. Am I doing something wrong?

  18. crumbles says:

    says steam isnt running

  19. admin says:

    This is soooooo old learn to read

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