Squier TelecasterSo I finally took the jump and bought a guitar to learn to play. I was impressed with how quickly I was able to pick things up. They say how easy it is to learn guitar, but I didn’t realize how easy. My friend picked up the guitar in response and now we’re competing to see who will progress the fastest.

I was lucky enough to stumble across some fantastic “learn to play guitar” videos on youtube. There’s a ton of videos of people playing (covering?) various songs. There’s equally as many tutorials showing you the finger pickings and strumming, which infinitely helpful, and probably puts a huge damper on “learn to play guitar” DVDs. Probably the biggest one of these is, which is a website that incorporates his 80 some-odd youtube videos in to his website to teach you how to play guitar – for free. It’s immediately obvious that he teaches guitar for a living, and you feel privileged to get these lessons for free. He also has many videos on how to learn to play many popular songs from bands like Ozzy Osbourne to The Clash to Pink Floyd and modern bands like The White Stripes.

Right now though, I’m working on mastering the pentatonal scale.

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  1. Rowdy says:

    JustinGuitar is a fantastic site, but it’s not really ‘free’. It runs on an honesty system, so you should make a donation unless you really can’t afford to. Otherwise you’re taking advantage of Justin’s kindness and ripping him off.

    How many of us that can afford to eat three square meals a day can honestly say that we can’t afford to make at least a small donation for such an excellent service?

    Remember – ‘instant karma’s gonna get you’ ;)


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