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eee_box_1.jpgWhat is 64 bit, fanless, and takes up no desk/floorspace? The Eee Box! All this and more for less than $300 shipped. WTF you ask, well it’s true. What really sells me on this is the fact that not only do you get all the great Eee laptop bits, but you get a 160gb hard drive, DVI out, and it’s so small and light you can actually mount it to the VESA mount on the back of your flat screen monitor. No joke. It actually comes with a VESA mount for this exact purpose.


More below the cut Granted, all extra storage space will have to be in the form of external hard drives, but those are so cheap these days it’s certianly worth it. Half terabyte external drive? $100 is nothing these days. Single USB 2.0 hub connects to the Eee Box, along with a power and eithernet cable and you’re good to go. Sure, you have to find a home for the external hard drives (which plug into the hub), but those can be put anywhere within 30 (15′ cable between Eee box and 7 port hub, another 15′ cable between hub and hard drives) feet of the desk, far far away from where you could actually hear them. With two USB ports on the front behind a panel, and another two on the back, you have tons of expandibility, ready for terabytes of expansion over the years. Did I mention this thing comes with Gig-E? (gigabyte eithernet)


In the meantime, yes the Eee box technically has fans, but an atom processor idling with ubuntu won’t tax the processor enough to make the fans kick on. This is the perfect box to install Ubuntu + VNC + Azureus as the ultimate file server. Power down your main gaming rig during the day, but you will always be able to log into your file server and download the latest torrent files or snarf a document from home while at work. Set world community grid and folding at home to run from 4am till 4pm; sure the box will be noisy, but you’re at work then and won’t be around to hear it.

Closeup of VESA mount:


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