Android finally comes to the Blackberry

agora.jpgEver since HTC’s first Android phone hit the market last month people have been wondering, “when will the Blackberry become available with Android?”. The truth of the matter is that the Blackberry Bold is equal to Android at this point. But it would be nice to have a phone with upgradable software that updates with innovations in technology. The Blackberry Bold with Android isn’t labled Blackberry, although it’s made in the same plant as the Bold and has the same internal hardware. This from a guy who had his own line of 1080p LCD HDTVs made in the same plant as Samsungs and Sonys, so it’s not terribly suprising – he’s just ahead of the curve (pun intended).

android.jpgAnyways here it is, in it’s $199 glory, the Agora. It runs the Google Android operating system no problem and isn’t tied down to any one carrier. And it’s cheap. If you have T-Mobile here in the US, this is the phone to buy. No idea if you can backport the Blackberry OS onto the Agora, but if you already have a blackberry – just get a second SIM card from your carrier and use both phones – the Agora is cheap enough to warrant a second smartphone. They also make another model with a 2MP digital camera built in for $100 extra (Australian dollars, so $60 US extra really).


More below the cut:

Neat stuff. I’ll hopefully pick one up this spring depending on how quickly the price on the T-Mobile branded Bold drops. Did I mention the Agora has 3G? Sweet little phone. Also a little treat for you all: Android Blackberry Theme for your Blackberry Curve, Bold or Storm:


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