Opening Windows Shares in Ubuntu

windows_xp_logo.jpgI got some sort of program installed on my computer while I was playing a video game… not really sure how that happened. Some sort of malware posing as antivirus software. Anyways I decided rather than fight with the virus (which won’t let me even visit, an antivirus software site), it’s easier to just wipe the drive and reinstall windows. I’d really prefer to just wipe it and install ubuntu over the drive, but I play TF2 too much for that to really be worthwhile. Plus with the upcomming scout patch/upgrade I can’t miss out on that. Anyways I’m a little peeved at though Windows cost me nothing, I had to go out and buy an optical drive for my PC (and a CD-R to burn for it). Really makes windows look like a dinosaur when you have to use OPTICAL MEDIA to install your OS… hello this is 2009 not 2005(!). Windows should be comming on a read only 10gb flash stick, not 25 year old media.

Anyways so I downloaded windows onto my laptop, which has a read only DVD drive, so I had to work up windows networking between my ubuntu laptop and my powerbook (osx) which has a CD-R drive… to install windows XP. The windows share browser in ubuntu isn’t as user friendly as it could be so for my (and your) reference this is how it’s supposed to be setup:

Share: Hadlock
User name: Hadlock
Domain name:

Hit connect and Ubuntu will grind away for a minute before asking you your “windows” password. After that you should have a shortcut to the windows share on your Ubuntu desktop. This works in 8.04 Hardy Heron, it should work in 8.11 and past and future versions as well.

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