Scout Update now out, works with SAM

scoutupdatebonk.jpgAlright, the Scout Update for TF2 is finally here, and good news! It works flawlessly with Steam Achievement Manager 5.1 you can download it here. Since Valve is selling it half price before the weekend starts, you newbies might want to know that you can just unlock the “milestone” achievements, which gives you all the new weapons (The Sandman, The Force-A-Nature, Bonk Energy Drink) and allows you to still get all the cool achievements normally(!). See pic below.

edit: Valve is threatening to take away your unlockables for a week if you use the Achievement Unlocker. Note that they are not going to VAC ban you, rather just not let you use the Force-A-Nature for the first seven days. To be honest, I used the unlocker the first day and still have all the weapons. But you consider yourself warned.

If you think this “helicopter parenting” by Valve is ridiculous, help me campaign against it. File a TF2 bug (from the main TF2 menu) named “Leave the Achievement Unlocker Alone”. I took a screen shot of a frowny face made of medic needles and sent it to them.

Note to valve: Kindly go fuck yourselves. Some of us have Real Jobs or are in College and don’t have the time to grind out achievements to play with the new (honestly lousy) unlocks.


Ok, typical questions

1) Will I get VAC banned for using this?

A) No.

2) Are you sure?

B) Yes

3) How do I use Steam Achievement Manager?


  1. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 if you do not already have it installed.
  2. Download Steam Achievement Manager.
  3. Extract it to a directory that is convenient to you, but not your Steam directory. It’s a ZIP file, if you don’t know how to extract a ZIP file then you probably shouldn’t be trying to use this tool.
  4. Run Steam if it is not already running.
  5. Exit any active VAC protected games if any are running. While this tool does not directly interact with any game itself, it is better safe than sorry.
  6. Run Steam Achievement Manager and do whatever you want in it.

As always, kudos to our valiant heros for not forcing us to grind our way through achievements to get the unlocks.

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33 Responses to Scout Update now out, works with SAM

  1. BixNood says:


  2. admin says:

    Hell yeah it does! :)

  3. Sputnik says:

    Flawless. Easy to use.

  4. Den says:

    awesome, cheers

  5. Alexsey says:

    tf achievement names doesn’t loading for me…

    ps i’m running sam on vista x64

  6. Try hitting the “refresh” button at the top of the screen. You have to be connected to steam to populate the list.

  7. Mr. Clean says:

    whenever i try to run SAM it just crashes out.

    any ideas why this is?

    vista x64 here

  8. Install microsoft .net framework 3.5 (link provided up above) should work fine.

  9. bob says:

    Everyone who used this is getting their unlocks suspended for 1 week, I unlocked ForceA legit but used SAM for the other 2 and neither work on any server other then my own but Force works fine on any server…

  10. admin says:

    Yeah, I updated the post to reflect that. I’m not at all pleased with Valve. I already have a mom and a boss, I don’t need my video games telling me what I can and can’t do. Note that it *IS NOT a VAC ban*, also they haven’t removed the weapons yet. Report a bug from the TF2 main menu protesting Valve fucking with your game. Are you listening Valve? Leave our game alone. Fuck you.

  11. Keiya says:

    I have a couple questions:
    Can I use this to lock things that have been unlocked?
    Can I use this to reset the stat tracking?
    If no to either or both of the above, do you know anything which I /can/ use to do that?

  12. No, valve won’t let you reset your stats. You can reset your achievements using this, but not your actual stats.

  13. ryan says:

    For some reason, I have unlocked 19 achievements without using SAM, but the game won’t give me my items (it tells me on the Steam Community page I haven’t unlocked them. liar). Hopefully I can use this to get the achievements i deserve without getting in trouble.

  14. Just unlock the milestone1 achievement to get the first unlock without upsetting the rest of your hard earned achievements.

  15. Someone says:

    I haven’t had my achevements reset or my unlocks taken away. I did have all my unlock items unequipped, but I just equipped them again. A mix for me. All my medic and pyro unlocks were legit, heavy and scout ones were SAM’ed.

  16. James says:

    so, you just click the ones you want and then what? Leave the app open during play, close it? do you need to save your selections?

  17. admin says:

    Yeah. Open the program and use it. It’s pretty self explanatory. how to use steam achievement manager:

    1) open SAM
    2) click on TF2 game icon in the SAM menu (or whatever steam game you’re playing that needs achievements unlocked, like L4D)
    3) scroll down to the scout milestones and check those three (along with any other milestones for weapons you’re missing from the other classes like medic pyro and heavy),
    4) and then hit the green button in the upper right corner looks like a radioactive coke bottle. Give it 10 seconds or so to update the steam servers and then close SAM and run your game normally with the new weapons.

    yes it’s that easy. no registry hacking or weird stuff.

  18. Gladman says:

    Valve not letting you use the unlocks for 7 days because you ‘cheated’ to get them is possibly the nicest thing they could have done.

    It’s only 7 days it really makes no affect on you. You’re REALLY fucking over-reacting here. Also the “some of us have jobs” argument is invalid. You could get the achievements withing a couple of hours play.

  19. admin says:

    Most people with jobs not only don’t have the time to grind out the achievements, but most people absolutely hate achievement servers. Also, valve took away my unlocks, including Natasha (meaning they’re probably doing this by hand), so an extra special “fuck you” to valve. They’ve lost my support.

  20. Hostile says:

    I don’t have a job and I could probably spend hours trying to get all the achievements but I wouldn’t be having any fun. As someone with half-a-dozen hundred hours in the game I don’t want to be farming or going after achievements just so I can use the weapons. I just wanted to thank you for (the) SAM. It allowed me to unlock Scout milestone #2 and #3 and Heavy milestone #3 so I could get right back to playing for fun instead of getting angry for not being able to do an achievement. Achievements are so much more fun to attain when you’re doing them for fun.

  21. admin says:

    Thanks! But we should thank these guys here: they’re the ones who wrote it. I’m just doing my part to get the word out that there’s an alternative to grinding out achievements. It’s an FPS, not an MMPRPG(!)

  22. mehdy says:

    i`ve try it and it work fine, but, why do hl2 have achivement ????

    that doesnt look to be right,

    VAC ban is possible, look at the last pots, (you have fail me)

    hmm i sound like a idiot now, i have a list of 100000 achivemnt in the news (in comunity ^^)

  23. ASFN0 says:

    Oddly my L4D achievements get reset all the time. Am I doing something wrong or did Valve just fix this?

  24. -=Wolf=- says:

    Yea it seems it no longer works with L4D,as when I used it,mine got reset ..

  25. admin says:

    Uh, apparently it does still work – I just tested it and it works fine. Yea it seems you can’t follow simple instructions. Kill yourself now. That icon of an unlocked padlock? Don’t click it if you don’t want your achievements reset. Dumbass.

  26. Lucario45464 says:

    Crashes when i launch it…

  27. admin says:

    Install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 if you do not already have it installed.

  28. isthatright says:

    I forgot I was running SAM when my friend sent me an invite to an L4D2 VAC secured server, thus “Exit any active VAC protected games if any are running” rule is broken. I will keep you guys posted as to whether I do receive a VAC ban for running a game while having SAM on.

  29. admin says:

    You don’t need to leave SAM running. It’s a utility you use once and then exit out of; steam achievements are persistent regardless of whether or not SAM is running.

  30. isthatright says:

    admin, I appreciate the effort and time you put into this, and that you replied my post. I understand what you’ve said, but the thing is I was unlocking achievements and stats using SAM when my friend sent me to an invite to a vac secured game server, and after the game I realized I left SAM running all this while. so I’m getting all paranoid now. :O

  31. ryandigweed says:

    Does it still work?.. and still doesn’t ban you from VAC servers?.. it’s been a while.. heard that some people were reporting it to VAC

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