I get a free subscription to EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly). I have to admit I’m pretty disappointed in the magazine, even if it is free. Let’s flip through the magazine real quick. Letters section, actually possibly the most interesting part of the magazine.  6 page spread of God Of War for PSP. 6 page spread of recycled “PS3 vs. 360?” article. 1 page of import previews. 4 page spread of YAFPS (Yet Another First Person Shooter”. 12 pages of filler, with two half page interviews. TEN PAGES of more “PS3 vs. 360 vs. Wii” article/filler.

Finally, 8 pages of previews of “End War”. Possibly the only interesting article in the entire magazine.

Last, 10 pages of reviews. Command and Conquer 3 rightly gets two pages for it’s review, but at the same time they give games they rate a 4.0 (Brooktown High) an entire full page. In fact, all the Konami games, despite their low rating (3.0, 4.0, 4.5), received full page reviews. Etrian Odyssey rates an 8.0 and gets at best a half page review with a screenshot of three butterflies on a grassy field.

I find it interesting that they would spend the majority or their magazine on previews and fluff when their real bread and butter is the reviews they give. I would be more interested in flipping through their magazine if they could devote more than half a page to most of their reviews. In reality Command and Conquer 3 deserved a four page spread (with ads, of course), Dawn of Mana 2 and at minimum, two pages to actually describe what the hell you do in Etrian Odyssey. An 8.0 rated game for the DS (best selling system currently), and they can’t even be bothered to tell me what it’s about? How come there were no previews about this game prior to release? You can hype the shit out of B-Grade action games, but give us some fan service, please, and review the games Worth reviewing, please.

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  1. zakk says:

    Dude, people buy the magazines for reviews, but their ‘bread and butter’ is previews because advertisers pay for previews. Reviews, especially bad reviews, are not advertiser-friendly.

    Game magazines have always sucked. At least websites are timely with their industry propaganda.

  2. Aid says:

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