Cigar Box Guitar Tuning Notes

tuning_fork_new.jpgCigar box guitars are great in that there are only three strings, so you can try out all sorts of different tunings without having to tune an entire six strings. Changing the tuning on regular guitars also seems to make them not hold regular tunings very well for a couple of weeks after you switch back to regular EADGBe, so keeping your “regular” instrument from going out of tune is another plus.

  • Open tune to AEA using the ADG strings from a set of .12′s guitar strings
  • If your cigar box guitar is tuned in A, use a harmonica in the key of D
  • If you have a harmonica in G you would have to play the guitar in D

Tunings from low to high – open tunings are easier since strumming it “open” will always result in a clean sounding chord. You have

  • Open A – AEA
  • Open G – GDG
  • A7 – AEG “Jazz tuning”
  • A6 – AEF# “Hawaiian tuning” or “Uke” or “Ukulele” tuning
  • G9 – GDA “Mandolin tuning”
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