F-Holes for Cigar Box Guitar

boxfholes.jpgSo I accidentally swung by the cigar shop and walked out with a cigar box. This is approximately a 7″ x 9 1/2″ cigar box. Nobody ever seems to give the dimensions for these things, and in the cigar shop they always look smaller than they are. The 7″ x 9″ Partagas Black Label box is a perfectly good size. My other box, a Padron 3000 is 11″ x 7″. Both good sizes. Anyways, My last guitar is very quiet due to the fact that the neck is glued to what would have been the loudest part of the sound board (ala Make-style). I’d always wanted to add F-Holes but never had the tools, especially once the lid was sealed up. So this time I went out and bout an 8″ ‘Drill Saw’ item# 97831 by Pittsburgh. I found my F-Hole pattern by googling for the term and came up with this image: (click below to see the rest)


Which I then scaled on my LCD display to the size I wanted, and litterally traced it. Cut out the pattern from tag board, and then traced it onto my cigar box guitar. Using the drill saw, I started at one end and sawed through to the other end of the F-Hole. The drill saw is a pretty crude instrument and I could have gone back and embellished the F shape more with a coping saw but this is only a Cigar Box Guitar, not a Stradavarius. The downside to working with a box that has a paper cover is that you have to deal with the frayed edges of the paper. Mine is black and I plan on going back over it with a sharpie or perhaps some black enamel paint with a brush.



Second pic is the shadows of the F-Holes on the inside of the box. On the left is some wiring for the internal radio shack  273-073 Piezo buzzer/contact microphone/cigar box guitar pickup.


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3 Responses to F-Holes for Cigar Box Guitar

  1. Ted Crocker says:

    Nicely done!

    Are you familiar with Cigar Box Nation? We are a social network of a lot of creative individuals addicted to building and playing cigar box guitars and homemade primal instruments. There’s also live chat with a lot of friendly, helpful people.

    There’s tons of photos, videos, music, groups and forums full of tips and tricks. Here’s my page: http://cigarboxnation.com/profile/tedcrocker

    Why not come by, check us out and if you like what you see, join up, introduce yourself and join the fun. Find me every night at The Midnight Luthiers Club meeting in the chat room, as well as various times during the day.



  2. admin says:

    That site doesn’t have terribly good site design but there’s a few good ideas there. I poked around and I like the idea of building a 1w amp inside what would normally be a pedal enclosure. Since I bought a chorus pedal with Stereo-out I may have to build one of those little crickets. Kudos to whoever did your product photography for your site though.

  3. Jimmy says:

    I like this site!!


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