Quake one renaissance

Otto Zakk and I have been working on getting a game or two of Quake going again. I guess that’s what prompted me to get cracking on my website. WordPress is surprisingly easy to get going. But I wanted to review some old Quake 1 maps for the sake of the internet and make sure they’re properly represented.

Naked3 is a fantastic map that is centered around an atrium with hallways corkscrewing up the outside. It includes the basic set of weapons, plus a megahealth and all three armors. The corkscrew design really helps it scale well and flow well, with just two or as many as 16 players. There’s a second atrium on the second level that meets up with the main atrium via a teleport, and things can get quite messy in there, with a RL and Electric gun within reach. My friends and I would play this 1 on 1, 4 player DM or even just myself with 15 eliminator bots. Definitely my favorite DM map of all time, bar none. By ‘Ghandi’, whose site is long defunct, but diligent googling will result in a couple of interviews with other mappers praising the elegance of this level’s design.

DMFDM2, also known as Orange Crush, is another atrium styled map, but although it has three levels like Naked3, each floor is more independent of one another and plays as a much larger map… perhaps too large for 1 on 1. Unsurprisingly, the red armor is difficult to get to and at the very top, but there’s an added bonus – a grenade launcher at the top! A lot of level reviews focus largely on the tile sets that are used, and yes, it does make it more visually interesting, but what it all boils down to is flow and item placement. Architectural details and their colors are mostly overlooked once things get going, unless they directly affect gameplay in terms of cover or whatnot. It’s a pretty level, I’ll give it that, but item placement has you running from area to area and moving the action all around the level.

q1edge screenshotLast, but not least, is and old favorite that has been ported over from Quake 2, The Edge, also known as q1edge. It really needs no other introduction. Large circular atrium, multiple levels, a basement, outdoor and indoor areas, it has it all, and has also been ported to Q3A. This port came after I left the Quake 1 scene, but I’m glad to see it’s here now. You can find it along with a bunch of other maps in the EuroQuake map pack over at quakeone.com, who is really the leader these days in keeping the community alive.

Between these three maps, you have plenty of variety, and should keep you occupied for quite some time.

Download here and start fragging!

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