Working on this with buddy Frunk. This is a direct port of classic TF2 gimmick map Arena_Cow. But better. The ultimate team fortress 2 gimmick map to meet all your gimmic map needs. Because we’ve replaced all the wooden cow props with saws! Mwahaha! Also the celing is high enough that ragdolls can be thrown straight up, to dramatically arc back down on the other side of the map. Arena_cow has a painfully short celing.  Download Arena_Saw_A1 here! Long list of things to fix, like the sides of the blades shouldn’t kill you (only the saw edges should), cut down on the volume, and add some sawmill style basketball hoops. The grass sort of shows you where you shouldn’t go (stay on the beaten path).

Other things to fix: The Wall in 1856 :  also I feel like the blu side is a bit harder to navigate, -⑨- Trapped Firefly :  have a kill counter that says how many people died to saws

Arena_Saw at FPSBanana




Note the engineer in the upper right corner, flying through the air. This is a common occurance on arena_saw

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