Customize your car

Saw this through Livejournal. Livejournal has kind of lost it’s usefulness over time, but the communities are what makes it worth continuing to visit. In addition to the DFW communities, there’s some really good random image groups. I came across this picture in one of them:


Which is pretty cool. Basically he took big sheets of “magnet paper, spray painted them whatever color he needed, and then cut them into equal sized squares, allowing him to create near, pixelated GIF-like graphics. Cool!

saeru says:

a couple years ago i had put magnetic poetry on the back of my car-which at the time was a purple van. i liked the idea of the car being more than just a plain machine you drive around.. and afterall, most cars are ferrous- why only use magnets as bumper stickers? why not treat the car more like a fridge and use magnets to personalize the car? i was also intrigued by the idea that those passing by my parked car could rearrange the poetry- i was curious what they’d do.

unfortunately, magnetic poetry is not really rated for outdoor use and their surfaces started to deteriorate rather quickly so i sadly took them off.

when we got this new car.. well, we were hoping to get an orange car- because orange is so underused : ) but in the end we decided to get the prius and it only comes in boring colors- and it turns out it’s quite expensive to paint a car.

so the idea of using magnets to personalize a car resurfaced- we found a website that sold magnetic sheets that we could cut and here’s the result!

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