Tethering your blackberry to your laptop in Ubuntu

bbtetherIt works! I’m currently updating on my Dell laptop, which is tethered to my T-Mobile curve blackberry (8320 model I think) via a USB cable. In my bedroom, with poor signal, I’ve peaked at 36kb/s, with an average of somewhere around 16-20kb/s. Works like a charm, although pages are a little slow to load compared to a “land line”. The trick is to download “Berry4All“. In two quick command line commands, and 55mb of disk space for the required python libraries, you too can have unrestricted internet access anywhere on the go! Open the console and type (or copy and paste):

sudo apt-get install python libusb-dev ppp python-usb
sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8

Download Berry4All: http://www.colar.net/websvn/filedetails.php?repname=src&path=%2Fbbtether%2Fbbtether.tgz

and extract it wherever you want Ex: your home dir).
To run it, navigate to the directory you extracted it to, and type

sudo ./berry4all.sh

More below the cut

That should bring up the GUI. Click “Device”, then “Scan”, then go over to “Modem”, then “Connect”. Give it 10-15 seconds to connect, and then restart Firefox (don’t forget to disable wifi first).

Ta-daa! Seamless, pseudo-broadband interwebs via your phone. Awesome.

Two quick things, you’ll probably have to run this as admin, you’ll need to know the sudo (root) password, and Berry4All eats up 97-99% of the CPU on my 1.8ghz celeron when it’s transmitting or recieving. But it’s very usable. Gmail is a snap on this, it hardly uses any data. I’m using this on 8.04 (LTS) but it’s reported to work on 9.04 as well, so more than likely this will work on your distribution of Linux (or at least, specifically Ubuntu).

Found through here.

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