New cloud formation, Undulatus Asperatus

Well slashdot is saying they’ve named a new cloud formation, apparently called undulatus asperatus (turbulent undulation). I was rather amused to see the picture and be like “oh! I have a pic of that” It happened on March 25th about 3 miles north of downtown Dallas (mockingbird and greenville ave) around 12:51pm, so I’m sure if you search flickr for that geotag/timestamp, other pictures of it will show up in outdoor pics in the background. I’m not a huge weather geek (well ok, maybe I am at heart), but when you see wacky clouds like this, it’s hard not to take pictures of them. Having a camera in your phone means documenting all sorts of crazy stuff you never would have before. Here’s my pictures of undulatus asperatus:

(click for bigger)

undulatus asperatus north dallas

undulatus asperatus dallas

I went ahead and uploaded the second picture to Wikipedia for their undulatus asperatus article under the creative commons attribution 3.0 license.

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2 Responses to New cloud formation, Undulatus Asperatus

  1. Kornel says:

    Dear Nearly Deaf!

    I would like to request permission to use one or two of these photo’s for an artice, in a hungarian magazine.

    Thank you in advance, Kornel

  2. Ráziel Villarreal says:

    Asperatus updrafts must be declared as the most amazing and beautiful World´s atmospheric marvels.

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