More on the Mini 110

hpmini110Well it’s a tad nerve-racking getting Ubuntu 9.10 UNR working properly just days before I leave on my trip. The microphone didn’t work, but apparently reinstalling your alsa audio drivers (fix here) solves that. It just takes about an hour to compile everything from scratch on an atom processor, so make sure you have some time set aside for that.

I was happy to see that my iPod was recognized instantly when I plugged it in, even though it had a very old version of the firmware on it. Also, it was formatted with hfs+ (ancient mac format) but it had zero issues recognizing it(!). Nice. May have to wait till tonight to copy over my music collection from the ipod (originals were lost on a corrupted firewire mac drive).

Got bbtether installed, also got Skype and Google Earth installed. Got Chromium installed (it’s got a much cleaner interface for Netbooking than Firefox 3.5 does – no file/edit/view/options menu bar taking up space). I’m pretty much ready to go. Having the netbook for a full week before hand and having to eat the local sales tax is turning into a very excellent choice. I wouldn’t want to be doing this all the night before. Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 is difficult at best to install, and I ended up spending about two days figuring out that you really do have to install 9.04 and then upgrade by hand. Here’s hoping that 10.04 is slightly more clean to install.

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