Trip Starts

Got out of town around 3:20 and managed to find D terminal at DFW a little after 4. Said goodbye to Mom and was greeted by what looks like a giant whale wishbone inside DFW’s new “D” $1.4 billion terminal. Apparently I missed the grand entrance, but it’s a pretty neat looking terminal. Plane boarded around 7:10, but didn’t make it off the ground until closer to 9. Somehow they had double booked something like 20 tickets and took forever to sort it out. Once they finally sorted things the flight went pretty smoothly.

The lady in the row in front of me had two young children (Ages 2, 3 i think). About 20 minutes after takeoff the kids finally settled down and laid down to sleep. Within five minutes of the kids settling down, she decided she wanted to sit in the middle seat, banging her seat (in front of mine) between fully upright and fully reclined over and over, waking both kids and getting them to watch the in flight movie. My napping schedule revolved around her restlessness.

Anyways I am here on an 8 hr layover at Miami international airport (MIA). As it turns out Miami is almost due north of Bogota. I ship off on AA flight 913 with a scheduled takeoff time of 9:10. Currently hanging out in MIA’s terminal D. Apparently google is offering free WiFi in a bunch of airports and MIA happens to be one of them. SO – here are some pics. Not much so much to see so far.


Me at Terminal D at DFW


One of the side entrances to Terminal D at DFW


Just a pic of all my gear. My day pack is missing from this pic for some reason. My main pack is in the upper left, with my netbook in the center. Also pictured are my Nintendo DS (very important!!) and water filter.

Picked up some books, one of them was one of the Borne Identity novels, at Uncle Don’s recommendations. I have about a foot and a half of linear books to read so I shouldn’t run out of things to do while waiting.

Tomorrow I’ll be staying at the Platypus Hostel in Bogota, where I’ll be staying the entire time I’m there. Some hot spots I want to hit is a cathedral built inside a salt mine just north of Bogota, and the Emerald Market in downtown.

That’s all for now.

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2 Responses to Trip Starts

  1. Seibels says:

    WISH WE WERE THERE TOO!!!! We will follow your blog!! We will also keep you in our prayers for a safe and fascinating trip!!!
    We are working on our Christmas stuff – hey, while I am thinking of it. Uncle Don is starting a “Cross” wall in our home. If you happen to come across a unique cross that we could add, (and can carry it!!), I would love to add it to his collection. Marcus will try to find one while in Israel. We would like to collect Crosses from all over the world as everyone travels.
    I realize you don’t have a lot of space, so if you don’t have room to haul one around that is okay.
    Have a safe trip and we will follow along with you!!
    Love, Aunt Merri Jean

  2. Frunk says:

    Hadlock, I have come back in time to tell you that your Nintendo DS is in fact very important! Keep your eye on it at all times!

    Have a great trip,

    Frunk from 2010

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