picture dump

Hooray pictures. My here connection is spotty (you have to be REALLY close to it for a strong signal) and I’m eager to get out and see some f the night life here in roaring Bogota. All three of these were taken on the same street, about a mile apart. The city of Bogota is on a plateau 8600 ft above sea level (the mile and a half high city, for those of you keeping track) and literally sits smashed right up against the mountains. How you figure out which way is north is you look for the mountains, and that’s south. They’re peaking out from behind the buildings in most of my pics.

Flying in was no problem. I cleared customs with a minimum of fuss and realized just how little spanish I actually know. I find writing things down I’m able to communicate no problem with most everyone. I realized I did not take a pad of paper to go with my pen — oops. Hopefully that’s the only thing I forgot :) The 40 minute taxi ride from the airport cost me only $8.50. The hostel is neat; when I have more time I’ll upload some of the videos I’ve been taking.

This was a sort of market/flea market thing. They had some traditional dancers doing their thing to some live music. I picked up a shot of espresso for $0.30.


A nice park. It goes all the way up the hillside (about 300′ up) to a church that overlooks the city of Bogota. I may have to explore that tomorrow.bogotaparksunday

A “cathedral” in old Bogota. This is in my neighborhood that I’m staying in. If I could best describe my neighborhood I’d call it Brooklyn. I’m going to visit the “Manhattan” part tomorrow.
lacandelabracathedralbogotasundayAnyways thats all for now. This internet connection is frustrating and I’ll have to poke at it later when I’m less tired. Grabbed a burger and fries from a place around the corner. Not a lot of shops are open on Sundays in this part of Bogota and I’ll take what I can get after awful airplane “food” for lunch :P

I’ll keep an eye out for a nifty cross for your wall. Apparently silver crosses encrusted in tiny emeralds are cheap and plentiful in this city! Bogota is the emerald capital of the world! Wow I wrote more than I thought I would. The night is young I must be off!

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2 Responses to picture dump

  1. Uncle Don says:

    Sounds like you are off to a good start. Let me know if you find a good deal on a croos and I’ll reimburse you for it.
    I didn’t realize how high up Bogota is. That elevation always makes me tired. Are people pretty friendly?
    Stay safe and have fun!
    Uncle Don

  2. Frunk says:

    Loved the shots of Bogota, especially the cathedral.

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