exploring “off the map”

the map in my guidebook has a bunch of really cool stuff near the bottom of the map, so I went to go see it on foot. after seeing everything to see in that area (actually I missed three cool state-owned museums, i’ll have to go back and check that out tomorrow). there was SO MUCH cool stuff I just kept walking south… right off the map! here’s some pics.

this is a colonial era mission. there’s one every three blocks or so. it’s crazy. these are FULL at noon mass on a monday. i’ll post a video later.


Here’s a generic picturesque photo of a random street. They all look like this and when I realized this, I stopped taking them :) This is the last street photo. The streets are ALWAYS this full and there is always a bus (every 10-30 seconds) to pick you up and take you somewhere. the pics without buses/taxis are intentional; meaning I had to wait for traffic to clear to take the photo. you can see a taxi over my shoulder in the above pic.


The “candy cane” church. This is attached to a school with the same stone color scheme. it takes up an entire block. Some german tourist took this for me.


Plaza del Bolivar. This is the old palace behind me. in front of me (out of the picture) is the senate building, to my left is the cathedral. i have a cool video of this plaza. it’s HUGE. the red trees are christmas decorations.


Random mural on the side of a smaller street. judging by the number of handprints i’m going to guess this is a church or school project.


Another pic of the candy cane church.


That’s all for now. Turns out things are dead on sunday night, stayed in and played cards with some australians.

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3 Responses to exploring “off the map”

  1. Uncle Don says:

    Looks like the weather is great!! The sreets look really clean. Do you feel safe walkig around the city? Since you hear so much about the drug cartels I was wondering if they have security folks stationed throughout the city?
    Stay safe and have fun!
    Uncle Don

  2. Uncle Mark says:

    Hey, looks wonderful down there, glad the weather is working out. Keep the info coming! Uncle Mark

  3. Frunk says:

    You took some great photos, what kind of camera were you using?

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