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Attending QuakeCon got everybody in the mood for more gaming… which means Quake 1. After discovering that I’d deleted everything from my computer, I went looking for the best OSX Q1 engines… which of course is ProQuake, which runs like a dream on my ancient G4 Powerbook and it’s Radeon 7000 video card.

In my search for a copy of ProQuake, I found the map that they used at the 2007 Quakecon “Quad Damage” Tournament. It’s called Aerowalk.

aerowalk.jpg Aerowalk is described by Wikipedia as one of the two most played multiplayer levels. It was pretty impressive to see a mid-level ranked player completely obliterate Toxic at QCon 07 this year, presumably because Toxic had never played Quake 1 before. The map at first glance looks very similar to Naked Cows On Stage, and in fact plays very similarly, but actually the design is very different, the main difference being the lack of two atriums. Once you figure out how to control the Red Armor and Megahealth, the game basically becomes a game of king of the hill and item managment.

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ztndm3.jpg This one is called ‘Blood Run’, or ztndm3, and I was amused to find out that when googling for this file Blood Run came up as a site listed as a National Historical Place. I have no major love for this map, but it is slightly more similar to Naked Cows in that it has two atriums, but the corridors linking the rooms are much too small and require too much nailgun usage. Rocket Launchers are just too dangerous to use in confined quarters in this map. I was highly amused by the item placement in this map though. At the bottom center of the screenshot is a rocketlauncher, behind that pillar is a megahealth, and if you follow the corridor to the right from the megahealth, a telaporter will place you where the screencap was taken… right next to the red armor. Fortunately there’s a second rocket launcher located elsewhere in the map…

As a side note, it’s difficult to decide where to take a screencap. You’re trying to encapsulate an entire level, or “building”, the gameplay, gameflow, etc in to a single shot. Since most action ends up happening in the atrium… that’s where you end up taking the screen cap.

Download them here:

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