i´ve arrived in brazil; these portuguese keyboards are giving me grief. theres no wifi here so i cant upload pics till the next place I get to. lots of  pics from the falls, lots and lots of video. i thought i could see the falls the same day I arrived, but I had to see them the same day I LEFT for brazil! the falls are about 30 min from town, and I didn´t get out of the park until almost 3, with a 6:45  bus to Rio…. except brazil is an hour ahead of argentina, so really it was a 5:45 bus. plus getting to the border and clearing customs. talk about panic mode. also my legs are still acting up since machu picchu, and so after rushing up 80m of cliffsides to make the bus (the bus was was late) i got to limp around the hostel until my INTERNATIONAL TAXI (how many people have taken one of those) arrived to get me to the brazilian bus station (thre are no direct buses from the argentine side to rio, you have to do the land crossing and then bus to the coast on the brazilian side). the ride was just short of 24 hours, we were late somehow and got caught in Rio rush hour traffic which delayed the trip some more.

my bus from rosario to the falls was awesome, double decker “marcopolo” brand bus with air conditioning and only 3 seats wide, meaning exxxxtra wide seats that fully reclined. maybe i already mentioned that. anyways, brazilian busses… not so much. 4 seats wide, with only so-so recline capability. somehow i managed to sleep for 15 or so hours but brazilian buses are apparently known for being less fantastic as it turns out. sad, since brazil is a giant country.

anyways arrived in rio. its been raining and i arrived after dark… so imagine sort of what gotham city looks like in all the new batman movies. thats my impression so far, but i´m sure in the morning things will look much better. going to go see “sugar loaf mountain” and Christ redeemer statue. supposedly beyonce is headlining new year’s celebrations down on copacabana beach. apparently 2 million people show up between 6 and 10pm and stay till 3am, so i´m looking forward to doing that this year. apparently there are some amazing beach resorts with crystal clear water two hours south of here by boat so i might go do that on the first and second instead of stay in rio. everyones told me to skip sao paulo (3rd largest metropolis in the world) as its just a drity gritty city. so we´ll see.

Until then, happy new years!

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