rio de janeiro

arrived, it was rainy. stopped raining around 4pm the next day. got to see all three major tourist attractions; sugar loaf mountain, Christ the redeemer, and copacabana beach. also did new years on copacobana beach, but it was dark, and 2 million people on the beach, so you couldn’t exactly see the water haha. got to dance barefoot on the beach to live music until after 3am. apparently the party continued on the next beach over, with another million on that beach. i don’t doubt the numbers, it was shoulder to shoulder for most of the night. happy new years!

currently in the city of florinopolis, an island city about 18 hrs south of rio. i skipped sao paulo completely.


me visiting sugar loaf mountain. its named that for some sort of device used to boil down sugarcane. there’s a cable car to the mountain im currently standing on, and then a cable car from there to the actual sugar loaf (behind me on the left). the mouth of the harbor is punctuated by sugar loaf mountain. oh yeah, and i got a haircut! amazing what a difference something like that makes when its hot and humid out.

rio2Terrible pic of me at Christ the redeemer. There’s tourist helicopters constantly circling this thing; that’s really the way to do it. I like to call it Super Jesus, as he’s 30m high, and sits atop the tallest mountain in rio, with a view of the entire city. while seeing super jesus is neat, the truly spectacular thing is the view. sugar loaf mountain looks like an anthill from up here.

rio3speaking of which, that little knob to the right of my shoulder is sugar loaf mountain.the atlantic is further to the right, and to my left you can see someone posing for their pic with super Jesus. i left for super Jesus around 3, and it was so crowded I didnt make it up until almost 7pm, so I got to see rio at sunset, which was pretty neat…rio4better shot of rio at dusk. to the left you can see the harbor by the yacht (iate in portuguese) club. the main port is to the left, along with downtown. this is just the super ritzy area by sugar loaf.

rio5and here’s sunset, looking west from super Jesus. just stunning views. they give hang gliding tours for like $100 from the mountain just left of this picture. i almost did it but was running short of time. i’d really love to go sailing in rio one day.


rio yacht “iate” club. had to post this pic. someday….


and i’ll leave you with this pic of me on copacabana beach. happy new year!

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2 Responses to rio de janeiro

  1. Uncle Mark says:

    How was the water? Clear and warm? did you scuba or snorkle?

  2. Frunk says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I need a haircut.

    Was this the last stop before you headed back? You should write some sort of trip conclusion post, I enjoyed reading everything so far.

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