Website updated

Apparently WordPress 2.9.x requires a much newer version of MySQL than I was using. A quick look on wikipedia yields that I was using a version of MySQL (4.0.x) from 2003, which was breaking my upgrade path. The 2003 caught my eye, and so I checked my old blog/website, and it turns out the original NearlyDeaf dates back to “5.7.99″ as I wrote it then. Which means I’ve had a continuous web presence for almost 11 years now. In the process I almost blew away my WordPress install as well, but then I remembered a quote I read the other day; made famous by Regan – “Trust, but verify.”. Called up godaddy support and I just had to adjust the db name in the config file (slaps self on forehead). Up and running again. Also I think I finally got Google Analytics plugin to work so I can stop using this other statistics plugin.

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