The Fall Season

So Greys Anatomy S04E00 HDTV XviD-STFU has hit the web, a full week ahead of schedule (air date: 9/27), officially kicking off the .torrent fall TV downloading season. Comcast has recently announced (what slashdot geeks calculate) a 99-150GB/mo download cap. Apple TVs are selling refurbished with full warranty for $250.

What shows are you looking forward to? Which ones are you going to write off if they don’t improve in the first three episodes?

Personally, I’m really looking forward to the new (and I do mean New) season of House. They “killed off” all three of his sidekicks, so they’re starting with a clean slate to work with. The writing on the show is amazing, especially for such a formulaic show, so I’m rooting
for them to pull off this cast change-up.

Following that, and I think Zakk will agree with me on this, 30 Rock has been renewed for a second season, a real contestor to carry on the “wacky” torch for Scrubs when it finally sunsets this spring. Any episode of 30 Rock last season would easily match any episode of
season 5 and onwards of Scrubs. I’m surprised Chris doesn’t have more love for Tracy Jordan and his fear of the “Black Crusaders”… which could get hilarious with the presidental race heating up and Tina Fey’s love of politics (cameo of Barrack Obama, anyone?)

Third, The Office. Nuff’ Said.

Fourth, Grey’s Anatomy, losing steam but I can’t tear myself away from it – yet. Given how much money it generates, maybe NBC has hired some fresh talent and can save this series. Annoying redhead doc lady has left to spin off her own show (crash and burn), and Omally has lost his medical license, and the affair continues. Pretty much written anything involving Meredith grey off as being fast-forward-able again this season (worked pretty well for me last three seasons). I give it four episodes to not suck before I cut it out of my TV diet.

Coming up over the next week (in case you forgot) season premiers are as follows…

Sun (9/6):
The Simpsons, Fox
King of the Hill, Fox
Family Guy, Fox

Heroes, NBC

House, Fox

Grey’s Anatomy, ABC
My Name Is Earl, NBC
The Office, NBC

10/4 – 30 Rock, 10/25 – SCRUBS

BSG (Battlestar Galactica): from wikipedia: the two-hour presentation of a television movie airing in the fourth quarter of 2007…The regular, 20-episode fourth season is rumored to be split into two halves – the first 10 episodes airing beginning in February 2008, and the second 10 installments airing in February 2009.

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