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1. Posted by Skittishfit on Aug 28 2007 at 20:02

I’ve used DBAN to wipe all of the drives on my laptop, and am wanting to install Windows 2000 Pro. When I insert the boot CD I’m taken to Caldera DR-DOS, and when the option to input after A:\> appears, I’ve tried these three inputs with the result “Command or filename not recognized”: 1. (E being the drive letter for my CD\DVD drive) E:\i386\winnt32.exe, 2. i386\winnt32.exe, 3. i386\ winnt.exe
None have worked, and I’m wondering if anyone is able and willing to help ^^.
Thanks in advance!

2. Posted by Skittishfit on Aug 28 2007 at 21:51

Hm, I did more pking around, and found out A:\> means the computer is searching for a diskette >.<. Is there any way I would be able to switch it from searching for a diskette to my CD/DVD drive?

I guess we are finally getting to the point where there are folks who have grown up, never using dos, and don’t own a computer with a floppy drive. Sort of frightening, in a way. I guess it’s time to finally toss that box of punch cards…

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